Ferrari Museum in Maranello

The Magnificent F1

Have you ever made a real Formula 1 tire change?

If you want to experience the emotion of Formula 1 and F1 race cars, visit the Ferrari Museum in Maranello just 10 minutes by car from the Maranello Village.

This Museum does not only host temporary or permanent exhibits, it also enables the visitor to feel like a real F1 driver.

Experience the excitement of high speed on one of the semi-professional simulators.

Be careful though when you step on the accelerator and brakes because they are so sensitive you will feel you are actually driving a real Formula 1 car! Gift your child the joy of racing on the junior simulator.

Have a go at with your friends participating in a classic  pit stop timed with a professional stopwatch.

And if that is not enough, enter the pulsating heart of the Ferrari World, the Maranello Factory, by taking a guided tour through the Fiorano Racetrack and Enzo Ferrari Boulevard.